Address Verification by Customer

  • A Digital Solution for Customer Address verification
  • Can be done by the Customer alone, or with an assisted service
  • Simple browser based solution – No App download required
  • Built on the Google Maps API for address services
  • Can be integrated with Loan Application system or Customer database
  • Data fetched from the Customer can be transferred to any system
  • Cloud hosted service with minimum tech work at Clients end
address verification by customer
address verification by customer

Address Verification Process

At the Company's end

  • While adding the Customer's address in Loan Application, a Google Tag will be added

At the Customer's end

  • Customer will get a SMS asking to Verify the given address
  • SMS will have a link, which will open in a Browser
  • Customer will be asked to enter Mobile or Application ID for identification
  • Customer can click a button to share Address where standing
  • Click live Photos of Door, Society Board, Building name


  • Customer's address in Application will be mapped to the address submitted
  • Verification Officers can check the same on Google Maps
  • And verify the Photos uploaded