Customer Onboarding

Feature Benefit
Text Chat and Video Calling through Browser Customer doesn’t need to download any App
Customer onboarding through Name, Mobile Number, Account Number Complete workflow already available
Round Robin system to connect Customer to available Employee Platform can handle any amount of Customer Volume
Independent Web Link for each Employee Customer can connect to a pre-decided employee
Send SMS or Email to Customer Easy for Customer to receive the link
Available on Desktop, Android and iOS WorkApps across devices
Conversation History maintained on same Device Makes it easier for Customer to complete the process in multiple sessions

Chat Features

Feature Benefit
One to One Text Chat between Customer and Employee Easy and Instant communication
Text Chat between One Customer and Multiple Employees Multiple employees can provide higher amount of support to customer
File Sharing Customer can share ID and Address proof
Location Sharing Customer can share live address at the click of a button

Video Calling and Recording Features

Feature Benefit
Video call works on 128 kbps bandwidth Works across regions and network zones
One way Video call Employee can see Customer, but Customer cannot
Two way Video call Both can see each other
Only Audio call For very low network areas
Screen sharing by Employee and Customer Both can share screens with each other
Employee can take Screenshot at their end Employee can take screenshots while the Customer holds Photo ID
Date stamp on Screenshot Date stamp will ensure Liveliness check and makes it easy to know the date
Front and Back Camera on Mobile Back camera offers clearer image of Screenshots
File sharing while on Video call Simultaneously share documents as asked by the Employee
Record Video call Complete conversation can be recorded and archived for compliance
Share recorded video call with Internal Teams through a link Just send a link, and internal team members can see the recorded Video
Download recorded video Video can be downloaded and stored with internal systems