All your KYC needs made easy with Video

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Step by step digital kyc process to be promoted by banks and fintech companies

Everything you wanted to do with Video KYC

live assisted video verification

Live Assisted Video KYC

Customers will interact with an employee over video

non assisted video verification

Non Assisted Video KYC

Customers will complete the process on their own

Original Seen and Verified (OSV) process on Video

  • Record Video while the Customer shows Original Documents
  • Capture a Live Screenshot the of Customer holding the Document
  • Store Documents with Customer Name and Date Stamp on it
  • Use Front camera for Customer Photo and Back camera for Documents
  • Screenshots saved with Date Stamp

Liveliness Check in Non-Assisted Video KYC

No way to upload a previously recorded video

random otp

Random OTP

Builit in feature for Non Natural applicant screening

Body Movements

real time photo capture of the customer in Video KYC tools helps BFSI is a huge plus

Real Time Photo Capture

Address Verification by the Customer

Get your customers to verify their House of Office addresses on their own using Google Maps Services

VideoKYC App helps customer verify their physical address on app
Built in feature to validate and verify documents online

Document Validation and Verification

  • Document Classification during Upload
  • Optical Character Reading and Text Conversion
  • Tampering and Fraud Detection
  • Real time document verification with registered databases

Face Match with Documents

Compare live picture of Customer, with the picture on ID to make sure both are of the same person

Face match API for validating customer with a document
Video KYC software covers many use cases in banking thereby saving huge costs & time

Use Cases in Banking

  • Regular KYC and Re-KYC Process for Savings Accounts
  • Credit Verification and Personal Discussion for Loan Underwriting
  • In Person Verification for Demat Accounts
  • In Person Verification (IPV) for Mutual Funds
  • Customer verification for claim settlement in Life Insurance
  • Address Verification in processing Loan Application

What all are the features of Video KYC?

Have one on one chat with customers with pre-built system for audit trail

Direct One to One Chat
with Customers

group chat one customer multiple employees

Group Chat – One Customer
and Multiple Employees

maintain previous chat history

Maintain previous
chat history

Call customer on a audio call using the VideoKYC App

Audio Call
through Browser

video call through browser

Video Call
through Browser

share file, images, video with customers over a instant messaging service

Share Files, Images
and Videos

record customers audio video

Record Customers
Audio or Video

take screenshots of customers during a video call

Take Screenshots
of the Customer / Docs

share screen to make your customer come onboard as fast as possible

Desktop, Android
or iOS

the system is linked to customer database

Link data, docs
and videos to Internal Systems

What are the Deployment Options?

SaaS product for doing KYC over video

Complete SaaS
(AWS Mumbai Region)

Saas Video KYC software tool

Hybrid SaaS
(Our Server with Your Storage)

host video kyc tool in your private cloud

Private Cloud
(AWS, Azure, SimpliCloud)

host video kyc software on your premises

Traditional On Premise
(Your Servers - Your Location)