is built on highly proven foundations.

8 out of 10 Banks choose AWS Cloud for the Video KYC deployment

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 200 fully featured services from data centers globally.

Video KYC is a platform developed and hosted on AWS with services such as ELB, EC2, RDS, S3, AWS Rekognition, Cloudwatch. 

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What VideoKYC set out to solve leveraging AWS

Banks and financial institutions were already burdened with the cost and time required (days!) for physical KYCs, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Lockdown and social distancing has stopped both – customers from visiting the banks and bank representatives from visiting customers’ homes.

Banks needed a 100% contactless and digital onboarding solution to connect remote bank employees with remote customers.

The Solution

Built on a solid AWS foundation, VideoKYC allows banks to interface with customers remotely
using video as the primary channel.

Smooth, low-cost onboarding

Serverless architecture is the cutting-edge of cloud technology. By leveraging AWS Lambda, VideoKYC is able to scale continuously and deliver consistent, hyper-ready performance - Limitless, highly-flexible infrastructure for a limitless, highly-flexible customer experience.

AWS Lambda


Dramatically reduced probability of fraud

The most important step of KYC is to verify that the person facing the bank representative is the same person whose documents have been collected. Amazon Rekognition brings AI-based live facial recognition capabilities to VideoKYC, allowing highly-accurate face-match and liveness checks.

Speedy, leak-proof customer journey

The success of a Video KYC solution would depend on the ability to reduce customer-impacting downtime, enable faster customer journeys, and deliver uncompromising, enterprise-grade data security. Amazon Elasticsearch Service allows VideoKYC to run lightning-fast searches through massive customer data repositories and maintain high-availability at all times.


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