Get to Know Your Customer (KYC) in-person, remotely.

Reduce the lifecycle of a KYC process from days to hours.

The customer fills the form on the RE website, or mobile app OR the customer initiates the journey through an independent weblink.

The customer completes eKYC

Location Page: RE system will check the customer's location, and if in India, will proceed further.

The customer is shown an instructions page

The customer starts the Video KYC journey.

If an agent is already assisting the journey, the customer enters the Employee ID for the agent.

The customer gets passed to a round-robin system to get connected to an agent.

The customer gets connected to an agent on text chat. The agent receives a notification.

The agent initiates a two-way video call with the customer, which the customer accepts.

The agent receives some random customer details from the form such as Name, Address, Date of Birth, etc . used for verification.

The agent takes a screenshot of the customer's face from the live video.

The agent takes a screenshot of the customer showing the PAN card and compares it to the PAN number entered in the form.

The agent asks the customer to sign a blank piece of paper and hold it up to the screen. The agent takes a screenshot.

The agent compares the customer's photo with the photo obtained from UIDAI using a Face Comparison API and checks the % match.

The agent will close the KYC as Successful or Rejected, depending on the verification points.

The complete interaction is recorded on video, and documents are available on a single Customer KYC page.

All 'Successful' KYCs get added to an Auditor Bucket and get passed onto an audit team for approval.

Video KYC system passes all the data using a Messaging Queue Service to your system.

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