Our workflows are customizable.

Change the template to suit your customer onboarding process. Create steps and rules to automate the customer's journey for all your products.

Customer Validation

Choose any customer validation process before the VKYC starts.

Customer Data API

Choose what customer data is sent from the onboarding system to the agent.

Document Collection

Choose what documents need to be collected from the customer.

Document Verification

Add a step to verify information against a document collected.

Additional Checks

Add a step to verify the information you need for non-KYC related fields.

Data Handover

Add your APIs to pass VideoKYC data to any other system.

Rule Engine

Configure your Rule Engine for marking a KYC as ‘Successful.’

Which of your product lines would you use VideoKYC for?

Credit Cards, Personal Loans, NRI Accounts, Current Account…

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