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A round-robin system smartly passes customers from the onboarding system to VideoKYC…

Customer Handshake API

Comprehensive, encrypted API with over 70 fields to pass information from any system to VideoKYC and ensure the Video KYC Agent has all the necessary customer information.

Products Name Setting

Mentioning the product name in the API allows automatic template and rule engine selection so that you can use the same API and processes for various products.


Option to select a specific agent group for each incoming customer, basis their preferred language, using a simple setting in the CH-API.

Agent Group selection

Option to select a specific agent group for each incoming customer, basis product, city, expertise etc.


Option to give specific customers a higher priority in the customer waiting queue. Example: Preferred customers, senior citizens, existing customers etc.

...where you have not one, but three ways to handle the customer's Video KYC journey.

Continuous Journey

For customers who wish to do Video KYC immediately after they have filled the product form.

Universal Weblink

For customers who wish to do Video KYC anytime at a later stage by accessing a web URL.

Agent-Assisted Journey

For onboarding customers using field teams and RMs, wherein the RMs can initiate and complete the Video KYC process with the customer directly.

Five User Journeys for eKYC

1. New and Fresh Customer
2. New Customer with PAN Data
3. Customer who dropped after doing eKYC, and eKYC is Expired
4. Customer who dropped after doing eKYC, and eKYC is Valid
5. Customer marked ‘Unable’ from VKYC

Integrated eKYC Journey

Aadhaar and PAN Card API integration and validation for an integrated eKYC Independent Journey Workflow.

The customer queue is
managed intelligently...

Permissible Time Limit Check

To check if the wait time of the customer is beyond a specific limit and if the customer should be diverted to any other channel or asked to try back later.

Instructions Page

A detailed page with instructions shown to the customer before the start of the process. This can be used to remind them to carry the right documents, a blank paper, keep headphones handy, etc.

Wait Time Calculation and Page

A comprehensive algorithm to calculate the exact waiting time per customer and show a reverse clock to the customer. The time is refreshed real-time as customers drop out or get added to the queue.

Switch to Compatible Browsers

Customers who arrive from a non-compatible browser are shown a 'Copy Link' option, so they can copy the link of the session and continue the journey from a compatible browser.

SMS agent-specific link to customer

RM or agent can SMS a link to the customer directly, which will connect the customer to that specific employee only.

...and the agent and the customer are connected to each other.

LDAP Login for Agents

It is integrated with AD and LDAP so that your agents do not have to maintain a separate username and password.

Chat Connection with Agent

A web socket-based text chat connection between the customer and the agent ensures that both can communicate before the video call starts, and in cases where the bandwidth is low and connection drops.

Automated Welcome Message

An automated welcome message is sent to the customer from the agent's side, which can carry greetings and pointers for the call.

Pass Additional Customer Information to Agent

Customers who arrive from a non-compatible browser are shown a 'Copy Link' option, so they can copy the link of the session and continue the journey from a compatible browser.

Show Both Customer Addresses

Customer's communication and permanent address can be shown to the agent for instant verification, in case they are incomplete or incorrect.

Of course, there are more ways than one to have a video call!

Two-way video call

Option for an agent to do a two-way video call wherein both, the customer and the agent, can see each other.

One way video call

Option for an agent to do a one-way video call wherein the agent can see the customer, but the customer cannot see the agent.

Video call without agent camera option

Option for an agent to do a video call without having a web camera attached to the device.

Merges multiple video calls into a single video file

In case a video call disconnects, and there are two or more video calls that need to be done to complete the process, the system merges the multiple video calls into a single video file.

Our VideoKYC process template is tuned to the RBI circular…

Video KYC Template

A template made as per the RBI regulation, with all mandatory steps configured on the agent side.

Question Verification Module

Random question verification module, where questions and answers from PAN/Aadhaar data can be shown to the agent, with a 'Match/Mismatch' option.

User Face, PAN and Signature Photo Capture and Tagging

Three independent buttons for the agent to capture customer's face, PAN Card and signature of the customer, using the front and back camera.

Location capture using Google Maps API integration

Customer can just click a button to share their location while being on the video call. Agent receives the latitude-longitude and complete address with a link to view the location in a live Google Map.

PAN Card data check

Data from the NDSL database is populated in the PAN Card screen and a Match / Mismatch option available against every field.

Face Match using AI services from AWS or Azure

AI-based face comparison in a single click for 'Aadhaar photo VS Live photo' and 'PAN Card photo VS Live photo'.

NSDL – PAN – Aadhaar name match check

An 'Acceptable/Not Acceptable' check between customer name received from NSDL, PAN, and Aadhaar.

...but not limited just to what's in the circular.

Watermarking on Images

A watermark is added automatically on the images with employee name, time stamp, and customer name.

Low-Res and High-Res Photo option

Option for an agent to take photos in high or low resolution depending on the bandwidth and throughput available.

Primary Image Selection

The agent has an option to take multiple photos for each category. Only one image is tagged as 'Primary' automatically.

Bandwidth Meter

Live tracking and display of bandwidth on agent and customer side, so that the agent can take an informed decision based on the call quality.

Call Summary

Complete log of all verifications done by the agent in a log to verify and process.

Configurable Rule Engine for Agent Action

Configure your own rule engine on the number of questions verified, face match%, PAN fields match, signature, address etc.

Once the journey is over, the agent's decision is captured...

Agent Closure

Three options for an agent to dispose of a KYC: 'Successful', 'Unable' and 'Reject'.

Option on How to Handle 'Unable' KYCs

Option is given to the agent on how to handle 'Unable Cases' - allow them to come back to do a Video KYC or assign them an OTP account.

Customer Redirection basis Video KYC Closure

Customer can be redirected to separate pages basis the result of the KYC like 'Successful', 'Unable' and 'Rejected'.

Sending Result Parameter in Redirection URL

Metadata can be added to the redirection URL along with the result flag, so the customer can be taken to further workflows for Net Banking, Fund Transfer etc.

Agent Dispositions

The agent can add custom dispositions while marking a KYC as 'Rejected' or 'Unable'. This helps in analyzing the result of the KYCs in more detail.

...and made available to concurrent auditors.

KYC Bank

A universal 'KYC Bank' where all agent and auditor processed KYCs are stored and searchable using a tracking ID, and links to their customer KYC page.

Customer KYC Page

A single web page with all the customer's complete details, including metadata and media assets like their photo, PAN card, Aadhaar photo, signature, and complete video recording.

Concurrent Auditor Module

Module for assigning KYCs to concurrent auditors on a FIFO basis with options to 'Reopen', 'Approve', and 'Not Approve'.

Auditor Configuration

Select auditor groups basis product, language, and location.

RBI Inspector Role

An independent and temporary role that can be configured for an RBI Inspector to view selected KYCs.

Monitor and analyze the journey through dashboards and reports...

Live Call Monitor

Dashboard to view the call status live with all the agents and customers who are connected.

Agent Login Monitor

Dashboard to monitor all agents who are logged in and their call status.

Customer Queue

Dashboard to view the queue of customers who are in waiting and their average call wait time.

Master KYC Report

Detailed, downloadable excel report with complete data of a KYC - Customer data, agent actions, verifications, auditor actions, timestamps etc.

Agent / Auditor Productivity Report

Per day report of the number of KYCs processed by an agent or auditor and breakup of 'Success' and 'Rejected'.

User Journey Data

The complete user journey, from being passed in the Customer Handshake API to the final closure of KYC, is mapped at every event and made available in a report.

Google Analytics / Tag Manager Integration

Add your own Google code to track user patterns, time spent, and drop-outs.

...and easily sync the data to other systems.

Data Sync Service

Service to pass the data back to multiple systems like CRM and Core Banking.

Document Upload Service

Service to pass back the documents collected during the Video KYC process like PAN Card, Photo, and Signature.

Merge Signature and Photo

A utility to merge Signature and Photo into a single image and upload it into a system so that it can be passed to the Branch Network.

and it's all built to be repeatable!

Template Customization for Multiple Products

Process template can be made separate for various products like Credit Card, Personal Loan, Current Account, NRI Account etc.

Master KYC Report

Provision can be made to collect and tag additional documents from the customer, like Address Proof, VISA, Passport.

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